This Tempest 700 series Flute has consistently been one of the best selling flutes. Our goals of using handmade workmanship to provide exact intonation, a sparkling and projecting sound have been achieved. This series has provided limitless flutists with unrivaled assurance and will allow more aspiring artists than ever to experience the ecstasy of flute performance.

The complete handmade Sterling Silver Body (.925) provides the flutist with incredible nuance and refinement of sound. The beautifully engraved headjoint has the ability to play in any setting while giving the flutist crystal clear articulation possibilities. The handmade key mechanism uses French pointed key arms and the entire instrument is exquisitely engraved – headjoint, keys, rings and crown.

The Tempest Model 700 comes has an Offset-G with a Split-E Mechanism, open holes (with plugs), and a low B foot with Gizmo key. Further flexibility extends in the use of the C# trill key and D# roller. A beautiful French Style Case and a zippered Case Cover is standard.

This is a “show” model. All this means is that it was thne “pick of the bunch” and passed all quality control tests with flying colors. In other words, it looks, plays and feels Brand New. To further show our dedication to longevity, this Tempest flutes comes with a Brand New 5-year warranty.

Product Features

  • Handmade – Sterling Silver Body, Foot and Headjoint (.925)
  • Engraved Headjoint, Crown and Keys – French Pointed Keys
  • Open Hole (with pluts), Low B foot (with Gizmo), Offset Split-E Mechanism
  • C# Trill Key, D# Roller
  • French Style Case, with zippered fleece lined case cover