There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of a wood flute, especially handmade cured Grenadilla from Africa. The Tempest Wooden flute is a modern marvel of contemporary sound and pitch demands to go along with the traditional look and feel of aged Grenadilla. It is an open hole design (plugs are provided), with low B-foot and an In Line G mechanism. The French style Silver Plated German Silver keys provide for a sensitive light touch response, and each instrument is personally inspected and play tested by symphony musicians before leaving the factory. What makes this flute so special is that it is completely handmade. This makes for a headjoint that is remarkable in its projection, especially in the low register – you would swear that it has the same projection as a Silver flute. The Tempest Wood flute is pitched at A=440. It is fitted into a beautiful French style case with a zippered case cover. The Tempest wood flute comes with our wonderful 5-year warranty

Product Features

  • Handmade Grenadilla Wood Body with Sterling Silver Keys
  • Open Hole (with Flugs) In Line G Mechanism
  • Low B Foot with Split E Mechanism and Gizmo Key
  • Handcut Grenadilla Wood Headjoint with Modern Pitch
  • 5 Year Warranty