This Tempest Flute will allow more aspiring artists than ever to experience the joy of flute performance. The Model 600 Tempest flute has a sparkling tone, quick response, and stable intonation throughout the entire dynamic range.

The hand cut Sterling Silver Headjoint (.925) is the first sign of precision and elegance. The beautifully engraved headjoint has a bold low register and agile high register. The handmade key mechanism uses French pointed key arms for the most delicate of touches.

The Tempest Model 600 comes has an Offset-G with a Split-E Mechanism, open holes (with plugs), and a low B foot with Gizmo key. Further flexibility extends in the use of the D# roller. A beautiful French Style Case and a zippered Case Cover is standard. To further show our dedication to longevity, the Tempest flutes come with a 5-year warranty.

Product Features

  • Hand Cut Headjoint, handmade body,
  • French Pointed Keys, engraved headjoint and crown
  • Fully engraved Headjoint
  • B Foot with Gizmo, D# roller, white gold springs, open hole with plugs
  • French style case, fleece lined zippered case cover