Tempest has done extensive research in developing an improved Sousaphone. Upon inspection you will find features on our Sousaphone that are on our Tempest Concert BBb Tuba. This is a powerful sousaphone that will hold the sound together at all volumes. A removable valve body section makes maintenance and cleaning a simple task. Built with oversized braces and extra large brass caps and guards for extra protection and durability, the Tempest Sousaphone is designed for decades of trustworthy usage. It is beautifully finished in Gorgeous Silver Plating. When you want dependability and manufacturing that will last – check out the Tempest Sousaphone. § Key: BBb § Bell: 26″ § Yellow brass § Bore: .728″ § Case & Mouthpiece included § Valves: 3 Monel Valves § Removable valve and slide section § 5-Year Warranty

Product Features

  • Complete Silver Plated Brass
  • .728″ Bore
  • 26″ Bell
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 5-Year Warranty