OP-1 Portable Synthesizer

The OP-1 is the all-in-one portable synthesizer, drum machine, sampler, and controller. With additional features like the FM radio and an assignable g-force sensor for motion controlled effects. With OP-1’s built-in tape feature you are able to record everything you do on to the 4 tracks, with overdubbing, and reverse recording. Items Included:

  • Battery life stand by 6 months, working time 16 hours
  • USB cable
  • Op-1 cling overlay
  • TE rubber bands x 2
  • OPLab

    The OPLab musical experiment board allows you to interconnect virtually any electronic musical instruments and music software. No more hassle with one box for midi and another for cv or a third for usb. Just connect your cables, set the appropriate scenario and experience a perfect sync. Oplab has is all in one place. Features include:

    • 2x USB ports
    • 1 USB device port
    • 2 x cv in or any analogue in
    • 2 x cv out or any analogue out
    • Midi in/out/thru
    • Sync 24
    • Program selection switches

    Product Features

    • Special Bundle includes OP1 Portable Synthesizer and OPLab Music Experiment Board
    • Multiple Synthesizer Engines with Exchangable Architecture
    • Oplab is the perfect companion to your OP-1 Just plug and play for instant MIDI I, OUT and THRU And to please our precious OP-1 owners even more, there will be future OP OS updates that will unlock even more cool functions
    • Oplab has two standard USB host ports and one mini USB device port So any mobile device or computer that sends MIDI over USB or can output a audio trig click sound will work as a controller or slave via your Oplab
    • USB MIDI Controller MAC & PC Compatible