This easy to use handheld Tambourine is a great percussion instrument. The drumming produces a great warm sound which goes well with a lot of other church based instruments. Not only is the wooden handle extremely durable it’s comfortable and easy to grasp whilst hitting the Tambourine for church. Included is the bonus egg shaker which will go along great as you use the Tambourine or any wind instrument. The PVA skin is excellent quality and soft on your hands and will work well as long as used properly and not to excess. The symbols or jingles are securely fastened into the wooden handle and will provide excellent sound quality which is great for any song and festival. The images on the drumhead skin is of great quality and very vivid and what you can use as a christian dance tambourine. Your friends will be extremely jealous of how great these tambourines look. If you love having fun, love church, religion, God and have a strong faith or enjoy praising you will love this tambourine. You cannot go wrong with these Tambourines as they’re perfect for the kids, children and teenagers as well as a musical instrument for adults. Also great for birthday, easter and christmas gifts as well as family or group crafting projects and even karaoke parties.

Product Features

  • 10inch handheld Clap Tambourine for church drum head with heavy duty PVA skin used for adult or children groups to produce fantastic music
  • Comfortable grip to allow premium quality sound and easy to bang or tap along with and can be used easily as a toy, recreationally and whilst worshipping Christ
  • Single row of 6 pairs of metal jingles and wooden base for excellent sound quality used as a percussion instrument
  • This classic shaker tambourine comes with bonus percussion egg shaker pack and jesus image which is perfect for playing in musical church or choir groups and even Sunday school
  • Tambourine weighs 7.05 ounces and dimensions are 10 inch x 2 inch x 1.6 inch with Egg Shaker Pack weight is 8.6 ounces