Combining the sharp tone of the Bubinga/Birch shell design with the tight, punchy pop of a Hyper-Drive configurations, the Starclassic Performer B/B limited edition kit was designed to exceed the needs of any drummer who’s going to be competing with a thick mix. Lower, flatter, tom height offers explosive response and extreme clarity while also streamlining your setup with increased positioning flexibility.This 8 x 6″ tom shell is 6mm thick with 4 outer plies of birch, and 3 inner plies of bubinga. This add-on tom is fitted with the Tama Star-Cast Mounting System for maximum resonance and stability for Tama’s pro drums. Additionally, zinc die-cast hoops, which are manufactured by injecting molten metal into molds, crown this drum.Evans Genera G1 (bottom) and G2 (top) drum heads are featured on all Tama Starclassic Performer rack toms.

Product Features

  • Star-Cast Mounting SystemZinc die-cast hoops8 x 6″