The cymbals, stands, and bass drum pedal shown in the picture above are NOT INCLUDED with purchase of this limited edition shell pack. The TAMA Drums Limited Edition Silverstar Mirage Acrylic shell pack features seamless acrylic shells that produce a focused, bright, powerful sound with ample sustain. Unlike most shell packs, the Limited Edition Silverstar Mirage set comes with a 6″x14″ matching snare drum. Features of this kit include low-mass lugs, claw hooks on the bass drum, and TAMA’s exclusive Star-Mount system for suspended mounting of the 7″x10″ and 8″x12″ toms (no bass drum mount or on-shell/drilled tom mounts are included with this kit in order to retain as much pure shell surface as possible). Includes: 18″x22″ bass drum 7″x10″ tom 8″x12″ tom 14″x16″ floor tom 6″x14″ snare drum