Clear a room faster than ever with the West Coast Noise System. The amount of insanity you can create from so few modules is incredible. It’s analog drums, 8bit crunch and noise married to a sequencer. Be sonically devastating or intriguingly melodic. Includes a power brick. Modules: Sequence 8 MST Noise Sample and Hold / Track and Hold Atari Punk Console DS-M DIRT Filter DLY Module 1U UniBuffer 1U Stereo Output Mixer Power Features: +12v @ 1A -12v @ 0.5A +5v @ 1.5A Advanced low-noise, fully regulated voltage converters on each rail Over-current protection: shuts off each power rail automatically if modules use too much current on that rail Noise filtering capacitors to help minimize module to module noise Ten 16-pin Eurorack power connections, keyed for safety Molex connector for daisy chaining Synthrotek distribution/bus boards Screw clamp headers for power entry wiring LED status indicator for each rail (+12V, -12V, +5V) Eight mounting holes for screwing into your case Optional 1U or 3U backlit Eurorack panels with on/off switch (2.1mm barrel) Fits a 44HP case or larger Dimensions: 23cm x 3.5cm (9″x1.4″) height: 14mm (spacers add 3mm)

Product Features

  • Housed in Synthrotek’s Power Lunch
  • analog drums, 8bit crunch and noise married to a sequence
  • Includes a power brick and a 20-pack of patch cables.