Reference instrument:

Today most of the piano & harmonium manufacturers are using Swar Sudha as their reference instrument to tune their instrument.

External Speaker Socket fopr BETTER SOUND:
Shruti Box machine has an external speaker socket to connect it to bigger external speakers if necessary.

Preferred Tuner: In the recent past Swar Sudha has emerged as the preferred tuner for artists to tune their instruments like the Veena, Violin, Sitar, Harmonium, Guitar etc..

Product Features

  • 2015 “Full Octave”model, with USA power zone and power adapter plug
  • The pitch range of this electronic Shruti box covers an entire octave with immense precision.
  • Harmonium like display Swar Sudha electronic Shruti Box comes with a display that represents the keyboard of the harmonium to specially aid novices in setting the swar without any hassle at all.
  • The user only needs to select the main SA and the instrument by it self will tune accurately to Pancham (PA) or Madhyam (MA).
  • The inbuilt battery compartment of the Swar Sudha becomes operational with 8 pencil cells (AA) for a duration in excess of 13 hours.