Product Name: Harmonica Chromatic 10 Holes 20 Tones Key of G with Black Case
Brand: SWAN
Hole:10 holes
Tone:20 tones Key: G
Sound Spring: Phosphor Bronze
Cover/Base Plate: copper alloy
Frets: Environmentally Resin
Color: Sliver
Weight: 80g
Size: 100mm*28mm*20mm

Package include
1*black plastic box

Product Features

  • Phosphor bronze alloy sound spring of the harmonica chromatic , with strong corrosion resistance, not easy aging or falling off, playing stable , sound beautiful.
  • Harmonica inside and the cover are fixed with multiple screws, excellent waterproof, the overall structure is stable with good air tightness.
  • Cover shell of the harmonica with note marks, more convenient to debug the intonation. Small size, portable.
  • The head part of the harmonica is composed by stainless steel, with tight and reasonable structure.
  • Base plate made by thickened alloy metal, durable, with strong corrosion resistance.