Whether you are a beginner of wind instrument or a professional musician, our Swan 37-key melodica would be your best choice!Our 37-key melodica is designed two installation ways with respective playing methods.

Standing performance: insert the short bent mouthpiece into the slot of the keyboard, stand up, then hold the strap and play the keyboard with another hand.

Sitting performance: insert the extension hose with the short straight mouthpiece into the slot of the keyboard, place the keyboard on a flat surface and sit to play. For detailed playing methods, please refer to our enclosed operation instruction.

Two different playing methods provide you fantastic playing experience and pleasures.
Best sound and quality: each of our melodica is strictly produced and carefully tested to ensure excellent sound effects and quality.

Easy to control: with high grade materials and professional producing skills, this musical instrument is very ease to play and produce loud-enough sounds.

A high quality soft case is freely offered which would make your carrying and transporting more convenient. To better protect your melodica, please remember to use the soft cleaning cloth we provided.

Package Contents
1*37Key Melodica
1*Operation Instruction
1*Cleaning Cloth
1*Soft Case

Product Features

  • 37 KEY BLACK COLOR MELODICA. 37 keys with a tonal range of F below middle C through F.
  • HIGH GRADE MATERIALS. Made of high quality metallic reeds and plastic shell (and keys), which ensure durability and best sound effect.
  • CLEVER DESIGN WITH TWO DIFFERENT PLAYING METHODS. Specially designed a strap on the back of the keyboard and a short bent mouthpiece for standing performance
  • GUARANTEED SOUND AND QUALITY. Superior materials, strict and professional producing processes, careful testing and tuning processes ensure that all required standards are met.
  • INCLUDES A SOFT CASE, A CLEANING AND AN INSTRUCTION. Soft case makes carrying and transporting more convenient. Operation instruction offers you detailed using methods.