1. Calming yet attention-getting, good for classroom management.
2. A great simple music device that helps children develop music sense.
3. Emits loud “Ding”, calming yet attention-getting, effectively attracts students’ attention in classroom.
4. Each Three Tone Energy Chime is fitted with a super-durable braided nylon cord handle for hanging.

Material: Aluminum/Titanium alloy, wood
Wood Base Size: 16*7.5 cm/6.30*2.95 inches
Rod Length: 21 cm/8.27 inches
Rod Diameter: 1.8 cm/0.71 inches

Package Includes:
1× Meditation Chime
1× Hardwood Mallet

Our products contain small gifts, if you have not received them, you may have purchased other sellers’ counterfeit.

Product Features

  • Material: 1 Aluminum/Titanium alloy rods, fixed to a wood base, comes with wood mallet, exquisite and durable
  • Size: Wood base is 16*7.5 cm/6.30*2.95 inches, wood mallet is 21*1.8 cm/8.27*0.71 inches
  • Application: A nice musical gift for children to develop musical sense
  • Unique Instrument: Gently tapping, the chime emits a crisp sound, children’s best music enlightenment instrument
  • Meditation Chime: Emits a soothing echo that relaxes and re-energizes, perfect for meditation or mindfulness