The instrument shown in these pictures is the exact instrument you will receive should you decide to buy.We at Sam Ash are proud to have partnered with Stomvi USA to bring a truly unique opportunity to the player and collector. One of the true elite names in custom high-end brass, Stomvi USA uses a combination of old word craftsmanship, state-of-the-art machinery, and decades of experience in the application of principle of acoustic science. They are headed by real professional players Like K.O. Skinsnes and Grammy-award winning trumpeter Jon Ruff, and the result of all this are a line of truly unique, incomparable instruments that simply play better and easier than most other items on the market today!The S3 by Stomvi is an incredibly free-blowing medium-large bore trumpet. It boasts a resonant tone, clean, easy articulation and intonation in all registers, and excellent response and harmonics. Versatile enough to handle any style of play, it is especially popular with lead and commercial players and players in larger ensembles.This horn also features proprietary Bellflex bell. Flex brass was developed by Vicent Honorato, founder of Stomvi, in Spain in 2006. An alloy exclusively used and protected by Stomvi, it is far more resonant than traditional brass and transfers energy more efficientlym, enhancing ease of play and projection of sound.Completely unique to this horn is the custom spiral art design that Jim had added to the bell, which when it catches the light on stage, makes this trumpet stand out almost as much visually as it does in its sound!So what makes this horn extra special? Like many other companies that cater to pro players, Stomvi has a plethora of artists and endorsees. Unlike many other companies these custom artist horns are not for the artist to keep, but are built especially for the artist to use on more of an extended loan, and eventually make their way back to Stomvi. The horns are crafted meticulously to be the best of the best of wh