The Basic F# flute is our largest and lowest key of Basic. In the picture of three flutes together, it is the one on the far right. Most people will be able to reach the fingering holes on this flute, so it is a great choice for beginners and experienced musicians alike. If you have small or inflexible hands, you might be more comfortable with our Basic A or Basic G flutes. Our natural heartwood cedar flutes are made from unstained western red cedar heartwood and come in a wide range of warm brown colors.The color of the wood may vary form the photos. All of our Basic flutes are made from the highest quality western red cedar. What’s Included: -One Western Red Cedar Basic F# Flute -Carrying Case -Instructional Booklet Dimensions: 24″ long with a 7/8″ bore. The fingering holes are (from center to center) approximately 1 1/8″ apart. The distance from the mouth end of the flute to the first finger hole is approximately 10 3/4″.

Product Features

  • Affordably priced without sacrificing quality
  • Sealed inside and out to prevent cracking from moisture
  • Concert quality 440 tuning
  • Carrying case and instructional booklet included
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed