The Arabic Kanoon (Kanoone, Kanoun or Qanun) is 41 1/2 ” x 16″ and weighs 23 lbs. in it case. It was made in Egypt and has 4 keys and 75 nylon strings. This predecessor of the piano, the Kanoon is mentioned in 10th century Arabic writings. Today it’s popular throughout North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey, Persia and even Eastern Europe. It’s played on the knees and plucked with metal finger picks. The metal sharpening levers alter the pitch of individual strings by eighth or quartertones. Special shipping is required.

Brand New!

Product Features

  • Measures 41 1/2 x 16″.
  • 4 keys and 75 nylon strings.
  • Hand made in Egypt.
  • Ships from USA.
  • Shipped insured.