SOUSAPHONE 21″ Bell 3 VALVE Bb FLAT Model 2030 100% BRASS CHOPRA BRAND WITH CARRING BAG “n” MOUTH PIECE & SHIPPING FREE! DESCRIPTION:- The sousaphone is a valved brass instrument with the same tube length and musical range as other tubas. It’s shape is such that the bell is above the player’s head and projecting forward. The valves are situated directly in front of the musician slightly above the waist. The bell is detachable from the instrument body to facilitate transportation and storage. It is manufactured from sheet brass, Shining Brass, much like many brass instruments. It is in the key of Bb, and the instrument’s part is usually read in “concert pitch”. This product is manufactured by Chopra Musicals one of the largest and leading Manufacturing company for Brass Instruments in India Since 1974

Product Features

  • Authentic Product of Chopra Musicals
  • 3 Valves Shinning Brass Comes with Mouth Piece & Box Free
  • Bell Diameter: 5 inches Lenght: 21 inches Case included: YES Water Key: 2 Mouthpiece Included: YES Plays in key of: Bb
  • 100 % Brass Product
  • Quality Product @ Rock Bottom Price