Sound Town 2-Pack METIS Series Dual 15″ Full-range Passive DJ/PA Speaker (METIS-215-PAIR)

The Sound Town METIS-215-PAIR has two METIS-215. The METIS-215 is a dual 15″ full-range passive DJ/PA speaker with a combination of two 15″ high-quality woofers and one 1.5″ titanium compression driver. With the capability of 700W RMS / 1400W peak power handling, it delivers window-rattling punchy bass and crisp highs. With tons of output, you can rely on the Sound Town METIS-215 speaker for live performances, DJ events, reinforcement of speeches and more. With a trapezoidal enclosure design, it is perfect as a stage monitor speaker as well.

The Sound Town METIS-215 speaker features dual glass bulb tweeter protection to protect your drivers. It comes with two 1/4″ and speakON inputs which provide convenient connections to other speakers or amplifiers. With rugged black carpeted covering, heavy-duty grille and metal corners, the speaker is road-ready. It can be easily transported with two recessed handles on the sides.

For a powerful yet affordable DJ/PA speaker system, check out the Sound Town METIS-215 speaker set.

Product Features

  • The speaker set includes two METIS-215 speakers. The METIS-215 is a professional grade, road-ready, 700W RMS / 1400W peak (4-ohm) full-range passive speaker
  • Each speaker comes with two 15″ top-quality woofers and one 1.5″ titanium compression driver and delivers earth shaking volume with a broad frequency response
  • Two 1/4″ and speakON inputs make it easy to connect with other speakers and amplifiers
  • A trapezoidal enclosure with 50 oz magnet w/ 2.5″ voice coil. Ideal for versatile sound reinforcement either as a PA speaker or stage monitor speaker
  • The rugged construction with black carpet finish, the heavy-duty metal grille and protection corners hold up to tour applications. Ergonomically designed recessed handles for easy transportation