• Features FSC pure Pao Rosa rosewood bars and FSC pure resonator boxes made from cross laminated birch plywood with 100% glued seams – no screws are used to hold the box together providing a more integral sound chamber.
  • Tuning: precision tuning by hand, in the lower range overtone tuning, in the higher range fundamental tuning is applied to all models.
  • Primary Line Contra Bass and Sub-Contra Bass bars resonate one octave below a bass xylophone or metallophone.

Mallet sold separately.

Product Features

  • Contra Bass Bar, Pitch F#
  • First FSC certified environmentally friendly Orff instrument!
  • Pao rosa rosewood bars with overtone or fundamental tuning
  • Resonator box has tuning adjuster to tightly control frequencies and volume within room acoustics
  • Register is the octave below a bass xylophone or metallophone