Orff-Schulwerk style deep bass xylophone. Top-of-the-line German-made Sonor quality. The resonator box is made entirely of wood to ensure true resonance and clarity of sound, and features holes to store your mallets when not in use and a bar storage holder to hold F# and Bb bars when not in use. Resonator box measures about 20″ high. With the bars on, the widest point is approximately 16″ (the length of the low C bar).

Product Features

  • 16 rosewood bars, overtone tuned to A=440 (the industry standard).
  • Diatonic range is from C (one octave below middle C) to A1, plus F#’s and Bb.
  • Includes one pair of Sonor medium-hard yarn mallets.
  • The use of flexible rubber pins to hold the bars on helps prevent bent or broken pins.