Sonor’s new Meisterklasse steel bar glockenspiels have the sound you want! Each note provides a clear bell-like tone with optimum resonance that comes from the special high-tensile steel, precision-tuned to A440. Wider bars make it easier to play, and the lacquer coating provides increased durability and reduces fingerprints and scratches. Plus, there is an innovative mallet holder and bar storage that keeps them secure when not in use. An eco-friendly Proterra coating seals the resonator box.

Product Features

  • 16 bars, c3-a4, incl. F#3, Bb3 and F#4
  • Clear, bell-like tone with optimum resonance and wider bars make it easier to play and produce beautiful glissando patterns
  • Magnetic bar storage; Innovative mallet holder and accidental bar storage – uses magnets embedded in resonator box
  • Sturdy resonator box for increased durability
  • Includes one pair of hard rubber mallets and corrugated storage box with handle