Sonor’s Global Beat MS Soprano Metallophone is a fantastic choice for Orff players of any skill level. The GB MS is diatonic (not chromatic), C2 to A3, with F3 and Bb (16 bars). Each bar is tuned to the industry standard A440. Note names are printed on the middle of each bar, as well as inside the resonator chamber to make putting the bars in their correct place much easier. Easily store your mallets in the holes of the resonator chamber when not in use. The Sonor GB MS Diatonic Metallophone includes one pair of soft felt mallets (254830) and a chromatic bar storage bag which has a slot for mallet storage.

Dimensions: approx. 6-3/8″ high x 28-1/2″ long x 6-3/4″ wide at widest point (3-1/2″ wide at narrowest point).   

With bars on: width 8-7/8″ at widest point (4-7/8″ at narrowest point).

Product Features

  • Instrument range c2-a3 with 16 bars, including Bb and F# bars
  • Special alloy bars with overtone or fundamental tuning
  • Note name labels inside resonator box make it easy to put bars back in proper place
  • All wood surfaces are protected with Proterra, an environmentally safe, all-natural varnish
  • Includes storage bag for the accidental bars and 1 pair of Sonor SCH 23 felt-headed mallets