The SOL USA Pro Bongo has a pedigree like no other set of bongos. With its roots reaching back to one of the first American-built percussion brands, all of the design aspects that contributed to the legendary musicality have been incorporated into our new bongos – along with everything else we’ve learned along the way. If you are familiar with the previous generation of SOL bongos, you will recognize several features: a 7″ Macho drum and an 8.5″ Hembra – both 6″ tall; our signature bearing edge bevel; half-inch, half-round top rings for playing comfort; compact hardware; and solid-stave hardwood construction. Wood The shells are made from solid red oak staves which are hand-selected and matched prior to gluing. Patent Pending! The SOL USA Pro Bongo set has a completely re-designed center block system that sets it apart. Most bongo sets use a 2-bolt, through-and-through center block system that, as it loosens over time, can allow the set to twist. Also, the two-bolt system puts a lot of stress on the drum shells making them susceptible to cracking. SOL’s new system sets the center block into the body of the drum and then uses a single, short bolt/set nut combination on each side to lock it into place. This virtually assures that the set won’t twist on you during a performance and greatly reduces the torque required to lock the drums into place. It also assures that the playing surfaces of the two drums are even, level and placed very close together. The net result is better durability, playability, speed and comfort. Heads SOL’s USA Pro Bongos come standard with Remo tucked Fiberskyn3 heads – valued by pros for their stability and consistent sound no matter the location or climate.

Product Features

  • Completely new center block design (Patent Pending) with each shell routed to allow the center block to lock in place. This means the drum will never twist while you are playing and they remain perfectly level. The shells last longer because the bolts no longer need to be cranked really tight to keep the drums from twisting. This design also lightens the drums as there is less hardware required. Finally, the two drums are spaced tightly for better speed and playability.
  • The bearing edge, designed by Akbar Moghaddam, has been developed over 30 years of constant work and refinement.
  • Compact hardware reduces weight and bulk and, at the same time, is designed for an open sound, better projection and comfort. This is accomplished by designing the tension rods to pull straight down which prevents the heads from getting choked. It also reduces the tension required to tune the head. Finally, a low-profile, half-round top ring is easy on the hands.
  • Hand-matched, solid oak staves.
  • Comes standard with RemoTM Fiberskyn3TM tucked heads. Sol bongo hoops fit all RemoTM tucked bongo heads in this size. Drum sizes are 7″ for the macho and 8.5″ for the hembra.