The overall length with mouthpiece removed is 12 1/8″ and bell diameter is 4 7/16″. The bore measures .464″.ECHO CORNET is unique have fourth piston valve, and a second bell, which tapered in the opposite direction as compared to the main bell. The airflow is redirected to the second bell (by depressing the fourth valve) a muted effect Has been achieved, not unlike that resulting from the use of a metal Harmon-style mute. Typically the echo bells are “attachments” which are removable, so the horn can be held and played conventionally. But the fourth valve is a permanent part of the valve cluster itself.

Product Features

  • solid Brass Bb Echo Cornet
  • Includes Nickel plated Mouthpiece
  • Free light weight hard case
  • Length 14 inches,Bell diameter 4.5 inches