You are looking at a beautiful, NEW 4 Valve Piccolo Trumpet. This trumpet comes with 2 lead-pipes. The shorter lead-pipe plays the trumpet in the key of BB. Remove this lead pipe and insert the 2nd longer lead pipe, and the trumpet plays in the key of A. The first three valves serve the same purpose as the three valves of a standard mezzo-soprano trumpet. The fourth valve lowers the pitch a perfect fourth so it is roughly equivalent to the combination of the first and third valves. Playing the piccolo trumpet needs a lot of practice. A mouthpiece and hard case are included

Product Features

  • Product Description : Length: 15 inches, Bell Diameter: 3 1/2 inches , medium large 0.460 bore for easy blowing
  • Mouthpiece: HIGH QUALITY REAL CHROME plated mouthpiece included
  • Product Includes – Free Hard case included, Plays in key of: Bb / A
  • Light Weight : Made to the perfection, Original silver plated Trumpet is light weight and easy to carry.