Many customers ask for assistance regarding what combination of Orff instruments to purchase for their program. We recommend more xylophones than metallophones in sets, since the ring of the metallophone can overshadow the crisp sound of the wooden xylophone. This set is one possible combination, and includes the following Studio 49 instruments: 1 soprano glockenspiel, 1 alto glockenspiel, 1 alto rosewood xylophone, 1 bass rosewood xylophone, and 1 alto metallophone.

Product Features

  • Purchasing this set is a $118.50 savings over purchasing the same instruments separately!
  • Each instrument in the set is diatonic, plus F# and Bb bars.
  • Each instrument in the set includes one pair of the appropriate mallets.
  • Studio 49 instruments are top-quality, German-made Orff instruments.
  • Instruments are tuned to A=440, the industry standard.