FL302 Selmer (USA) Student Flute Model FL302 “Aristocrat” – Silver-plated nickel silver headjoint, body and footjoint, silver-plated mechanism.Beginning students can start with the modelFL302, featuring accurate intonation, quick response using thinner.018″ body-foot tubing, and the security of ribbed construction tomaintain regulation. FIVE YEAR WARRANTYThe new Conn-Selmer, Inc. warranty policy went into effect October 1,2005 for Dealer purchases. Dealer instrument purchases prior to thisdate are covered under the warranty card shipped with that instrument. If a customer does not have a warranty card, the warranty terms ineffect for that item would be as of the purchase date for the end user.Conn-Selmer reserves the sole right to identify correct warranty terms.General Limited WarrantyConn-Selmer, Inc. warrants that this instrument is free from defects inmanufacturing, material and workmanship for five years. Duri