The model CL300 features a uniquely small bore (.573″) with a higher degree of taper, producing a warm, centered clarinet sound with balanced blowing resistance. Only the CL300 features a hand-reamed bore like that found on grenadilla wood clarinets for the highest degree of consistent quality. Undercut tone holes allow for an even, accurage scale and lend expression. The fatter barrel design of the CL300 stabilizes throat tones for a more homogenous sound over the full range of the instrument. Students benefit from the G.M. hard rubber mouthpiece with hand-adjusted baffle and rails.

Product Features

  • Fixed thumb rest, .573″ bore
  • Selmer (USA) hard rubber mouthpiece
  • Double-wall case
  • Nickel-plated keys
  • Undercut tone holes
  • High-impact plastic body with brushed finish