The Tac Tic is the result of a collaboration between Majid Karami and “Tres Lados” Cajon builders Stefan Emmerich, it is a new combination of a shaker and castanets. The Tac Tic is much more than just an add-on for Cajons, because they can also be played without the Cajon if desired. 6 jingles in total can be muted by the screw system of the Tac Tic. On the front there two small wooden discs, called Kaskaritas, which produce assertive Klack sounds when struck with the fingers. The Tac Tic can be mounted to any position SELA Tac Tic Features Add-On for Cajons or as Shaker 6 jingles with mute function 2 wooden discs for castanets sounds 2 Shaker Chambers Thumb loop for secure hold Velcro underside and self-adhesive tape for mounting to instrument Dimensions: ca.17 x 5 x 7 cm

Product Features

  • Perfect add-on for Cajon – congas, Djembe, hang or any other percussion drum hardware.
  • Two high speed wooden castanets
  • Adjustable brass jingles with on/off function
  • Shaker with two chambers for a variety of sound options
  • Handmade in Germany