Do you have to make compromises on quality when buying an entry-level Cajon? The answer is clearly: No! With the Various you get a Cajon at an incredible price offering all the features of a professional Cajon. Sela hereby proves that in terms of sound, quality and features no concessions have to be made. The Various sounds amazing with a massive bass and an assertive snare drum. It offers further playing possibilities like pre-adjusted Clap Corners and a removable Sela Snare System. Additionally, the unique design of the playing surface is a real looker. Thanks to the Sela Snare System, it is also possible to use a second snare. In this way you get a lot of snare sound, which is especially popular among flamenco players, for Latin grooves and for musicians who generally prefer a “crispy”, assertive sound.

Product Features

  • Modern design with varnish-coated wooden surface
  • Extra-strong 15 mm birch body, 11 layers
  • Removable Sela Snare System and special Clap Corners
  • Measurements: approx. 18,50” tall x 11,81” wide x 11,81” deep
  • High quality parts “Made in Germany”