If you want a new and unique instrument that’s easy and fun to play, Seagull’s dulcimer-inspired Merlin Natural Mahogany SG definitely fits the bill. This ultra-compact, 4-string instrument has a diatonic fretboard making it quick and easy to start playing. The Rock maple body and neck offer superior tuning stability and base tone. Merlin’s solid mahogany top offers full-range tone and projection. A mustache-style Tusq bridge and saddle offer enhanced intonation for in-tune playing. Add a new twist to your musical instrument selection with the Seagull Merlin Natural Mahogany SG! Seagull’s Merlin Natural Mahogany SG design was inspired by the diatonic mountain dulcimer. And like dulcimers, the Merlin is fun to play and easy to get started on. The diatonic fretboard is easy to learn for all levels of players. And the compact size of the Merlin makes it great for all ages. Whether you’re adding a new instrument to your vocabulary, running a music therapy program, a school music teacher, os just wanting something to go camping with, the Seagull Merlin Natural Mahogany SG is the perfect companion.

Product Features

  • A fun-to-play, small-sized dulcimer-inspired instrument
  • Rock maple neck and body offer stability and impressive tonality
  • Solid mahogany top delivers full-range sound and projection
  • Diatonic fretboard is easy to learn for all levels of players
  • Tusq nut and bridge offer enhanced intonation and vibration transfer