Bagpipes (ROSE WOOD BLACK COLOUR ) Starter Package # 1 FULL SIZE SCOTTISH GREAT HIGHLAND ROSE WOOD COLOUR BAGPIPES Bagpipe Starter Packages come complete with everything a piper will need to get started. Each set of bagpipes are fully inspected, set up as required and played to ensure that when the customer receives them they are instantly ready to play MUSICAL COMPANY Bagpipes are ideal for beginners looking for a first set of bagpipes. They are made from turned HIGHLAND ROSE WOOD COLOUR which is fully combed and beaded and are finished with imitation ivory projecting mounts, nickel ferrules on each stock and drone, nickel ring caps & nickel slides. We gladly Offered you a Full Set of Bagpipes, Made Of Rose Wood Colour Black With Mounts Full Nickle Silver, Black Tartan & Cord.WITH FREE CARRY BAGS

Product Features

  • Rosewood Bagpipe
  • irish bagpipe
  • highland bagpipe
  • full size bagpipe
  • Scottish bagpipe