Scottish Great Highland Cocuswood bagpipe Natural Finish with Imitation Ivory mounts and engraved thistle nickel ferrules and caps, Synthetic bag, Black Bag Cover Silver Cord, 1 Set of Synthetic Drone Reeds, 2 Sets Of Cane drone reeds, 2 Pcs Pipe Chanter Reeds, Carrying Case, Free Practice Chanter is also included. This is complete set of Bagpipes with all it’s accessories and are ready to play.

Product Features

  • Highland Bagpipe, Made of finest Seasoned Cocuswood, Natural Finish
  • Imitation Ivory Projection Mounts & Nickle Engraved Ferrules, Caps, Synthetic Air Bag Medium Size
  • Black Velvet Bag Cover & Silver Cord, Soft Carrying Case
  • Set of 3 Synthetic Drone Reeds 2.Pcs Pipe Chanter Reeds, 2 Pcs Spare Practice Chanter Reeds
  • Practice Chanter Rose Wood Included