The most visually striking addition to the Cajon Fine line series is the smooth, rounded resonance 
box. This design guarantees a comfortable and enjoyable playing experience for the 
musician. The resonance box also supports the distinct sound characteristics of the Morado
 and Mocca’s playing surfaces, which are made from high-grade woods. Snare wires 
developed specially for each of these two playing surfaces add a distinctive note to the sound
 and give the instrument an incredibly delicate response. In short, the Cajon Fine line series’ 
unique overall aesthetic offers convincing design and sound quality.

Product Features

  • Morado -Honduras Rosewood Front Plate
  • Body Constructed of Beachwood Utilizing Schlagwerk’ s Comfort CLM-Process
  • SP60 Fine genuine leather seat cushion included.
  • Fineline snare technique with individual CW² snare wires.