Schilke Music Products ST20 Large Bore Symphonic Tenor Trombone was introduced at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago, IL, December 19-23, 2006 and at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, January 18-21, 2007 to critical acclaim. The Schilke ST20 Large Bore Symphonic Tenor Trombone is hand-built to the highest standards with all parts being produced at the Schilke facility in Melrose Park, IL. BellsSchilke bells are 8 ” hand-hammered bells available in Yellow or Rose Brass. Generally, a Yellow Brass bell will provide a strong fundamental sound with clarity and consistent overtone structure throughout all dynamic levels. With its higher copper content, a Rose Brass bell will provide a rich, dark sound at lower dynamic levels, but will tend to reach “red line” brilliance levels faster than a Yellow Brass bell.HandslidesAvailable with Yellow Brass or Nickel end bows, Schilke handslides are .547″ large bore slides with chrome-plated inner tubes, yellow brass outer tubes, and nickel oversleeves. All Schilke handslides are assembled to strict tolerances from the highest quality parts, aligned multiple times throughout the build and finish process, then hand-finished to assure consistent action. The quality control of our parts allows us to build slides that are free of stress and torsion, a major problem with many trombone slides.Three interchangeable brass leadpipes are also included:1 – Most compact sound, very clear articulation, most resistance2 – Standard leadpipe, more open sound than #1, more clear articulation than #33 – Most open sound, somewhat more covered articulation, least resistanceTuning SlidesThere are four main tuning slide options available on Schilke trombones: Yellow Round, Rose Round, Yellow Square, and Rose Square. Square-shaped tuning slides will tend to play more compact and focused, while round tuning slides will play more freely and yield a somewhat wider sound. Th

Product Features

  • Key: Bb / FBore: .547-inchLeadpipe: 3 Interchangeable LeadpipesLeadpipe Material: Yellow BrassBell: 8.5-inchBell Material: Yellow or Rose BrassHandslide: StandardHandslide Material: Yellow Brass OuterHandslide Crook Material: Choice of Yellow Brass or Nickel SilverF Attachment Wrap: OpenF Attachment Valve: AxialFeatures: Choice of Round or Square Main Tuning Slide Bows in Yellow or Rose BrassCase: YesMouthpiece: NOFinish: Lacquer