Schilke Heavy Weight Trumpet Mouthpiece

Product Features

  • “Schilke Heavyweight Trumpet Mouthpieces are a great choice for the player looking for a mouthpiece with more mass
  • 99
  • 630 Small diameter mouthpiece with shallow oeA cup and cushion #4 rim
  • ” “Cup Diameter (First number in label): cups range from shallow to deep in numeric order from low to high Cup Volume (First letter in label): volume ranges from A to E from small to large – A: Small; B: Medium-Small; C: Medium (Standard); D: Medium-Large; E: Large Rim Contour (Second number in label): rims range from roundest to slightly rounded in numeric order from low to high – 1: Roundest; 2: Simi-Round; 3: Standard; 4: Semi-Flat; 5: Slightly Rounded Backbore (Last letter in label): back…