The TC pickups are designed specifically for tricone type resonator guitars. For biscuit bridge guitars, use the Schatten NR series pickups. For spider bridge guitars, use the Schatten RG series pickups.

The Schatten TC pickup can be installed in a non-invasive manner with minimal or no modifications to your instrument. This pickup has proven to be very popular with our players and artist and it provides great sound quality with good anti-feedback characteristics.

Passive Model, No Preamp
Players who will be plugging directly into a ‘normal’ guitar amp will find that they get great sound quality from the TC in passive form. No preamp should be required in this situation. Should you require the preamp but don’t want to put it and a battery inside your tricone then you should purchase the TC in passive format and add one of the Schatten outboard Preamp/DI units to your pickup system. If you already own an outboard guitar preamp, the TC pickups in passive format should work properly with just about anything you might have. You can also purchase the TC-A which includes the Artist II endpin preamp, which can be powered externally.

The low profile MVC jack assembly is only 1/2″ high and may be mounted either from a thin stand-off plate (included) that adheres securely to the area under the tailpiece or may be mounted directly to the top with the included 3M VHB tape. The MVC jack includes an integrated volume control.

Product Features

  • For Tricone Resonator Guitars
  • Passive model, no preamp
  • Excellent Feedback Resistance
  • Includes External MVC Jack w/Volume Control
  • Full Two-year Warranty