The RG-03M is Schatten’s newest model of resonator pickup designed for ‘Dobro’ style spider bridge resonator guitars. By combining an interior mounted powered condenser mic with their proven RG-03 sensor, they have produced a resonator guitar system that provides a fullness of sound that was not possible before. In addition to the internally mounted powered condenser microphone, a new 2 channel Mini Pre 2 outboard belt-clip preamp powers the mic and provides pre-amplification to both signals. Installation The RG-03 pickup sensor is installed on the underside of the resonator cone with the included acoustic putty. The M powered condenser mic attaches to the well wall with Schatten’s special mounting putty or with one of the supplied 3M VHB adhesive pads. The microphone mounting also has a through hole so that it can be attached to the well wall with a screw, if desired. The Mini Pre 2 is a two channel outboard belt-clip preamp. Channel One is used to preamp the RG-03 piezo sensor. Channel Two provides both the power for the condenser mic and acts as a preamp for the mic signal as well. Input into the Mini Pre 2 is via a stereo 1/4″ jack. Output from the Mini Pre 2 is via a mono 1/4″ jack. The basic RG-03M system comes prewired to a high quality TRSS endpin jack. This jack may be mounted through the end block of an instrument, providing a strap button or it may be used as a standard output jack and mounted through the side of an instrument. If you don’t want to drill any visible holes in your instrument, the endpin jack can also be used as a ‘hanging jack’ and mounted hanging from the existing strap button. The output from the jack is stereo (2 separate signals) and an 18″ long stereo 1/4″ cable is provided to take the signals from the output jack to the Mini Pre 2.

Product Features

  • Spider Bridge Resonator Pickup with Microphone
  • Includes RG-03 Cone-Mounted Pickup Sensor
  • Includes M-Series Condenser Microphone
  • Includes Mini Pre 2 Stereo Belt-clip Preamp
  • Stereo Endpin Jack and Stereo Connecting Cable