The Schatten BJ-02M is the newest model of banjo pickup and combines the popular BJ-02 pickup sensor along with a high quality condenser mic system and a new dual channel belt-clip preamp. By combining an interior mounted powered condenser mic with Schatten’s proven BJ-02 pickup sensor, they have produced a banjo system that provides a fullness of sound that was not possible before. The new BJ-02M adds an internally mounted powered condenser microphone and a 2 channel Mini Pre 2 outboard belt-clip preamp to their outstanding BJ-02 to provide unparalleled sound quality. When Schatten introduced the BJ-02 series of pickups about 12 years ago they said that it was “A banjo pickup that allows your banjo to sound like your banjo, only louder” . The addition of the M powered condenser microphone in the BJ-02M opens up the sound and allows for more natural tonality. So you could say that the new BJ-02M allows your banjo to sound like your banjo, only more so. The new BJ-02M system offers good feedback rejection along with a simple, non-invasive installation. The BJ-02M system provides everything you need: Banjo jack assembly, BJ-02 sensor, M powered condenser microphone with micro plug lead, Mini Pre 2 two channel belt-clip outboard powering preamp, 2 foot long 1/4″ stereo connector cable (not shown), mounting materials, and instructions.

Product Features

  • BJ-02 Stick-on Banjo Pickup Sensor
  • Internal Mount Condenser Microphone
  • Includes Mini-Pre 2 Dual Channel Preamp
  • Fits All Banjos: 5-String, 6-String, Tenor
  • Easy to Install; Two Year Warranty