This beginner’s 30 key concertina is absolutely easy to play, reliable and sounds great. The advantage of the 30 key model over the 20 key is that you have an extra row of accidentals on each side, which makes it a much more versatile instrument (as you are not so restricted to the keys of C and G).

Scarlatti Accordions, Melodeons and Concertinas are made in China. They have good reeds although they are not finished to the standards of European makers.

Although they are a beginner’s instrument, they are of a much higher quality than the Chinese Accordions, melodeons and concertinas of the past, and will keep you going for some time.

Made by Scarlatti Accordions – Economical and reliable accordions from China

Product Features

  • Scarlatti sc-30 c/g concertina – anglo 30key, fretwork wooden ends, plastic buttons, 8 fold bellows
  • Made by scarlatti accordions – economical and reliable accordions from china
  • Hexagonal shape
  • Fretworked wooden ends
  • Anglo system fingering (push-pull type)