This is a beautiful 4 valve Echo Cornet, great for beginners to intermediate players. An “Echo Cornet” has the same design and fingering as a regular 3 Valve Cornet. However, it has a unique design, it has a second bell that provides an instantaneous muted effect on pressing the 4th Valve. When the 4th valve is depressed, the airstream is directed into the cone shaped 2nd bell creating a muted sound. It can be used to produce echoed phrases and to practice in unsympathetic surroundings. So you can keep the 4th Valve depressed when practicing without disturbing anyone around you! It can also be used as a novelty to get a quickly pulsating echo by utilizing the valve in rapid succession. Or, simply don’t use the 4th Valve and play it like a regular cornet! A hard case and mouthpiece are included.

Product Features

  • Length : 14 inches
  • Bell Diameter : 4 1/2 inches
  • Case included : YES
  • Mouthpiece Included : YES
  • Plays in key of : BB