You are looking at a beautiful, BRAND NEW brand Bb Pocket Cornet made of high quality brass in RED COLORED. A mouthpiece and hard case is included. It offers a great value for money. The pocket trumpet is a little horn with a remarkably big sound! It has the same pitch level and fingering as a full sized trumpet. Priced to be affordable, this trumpet adds a unique touch for any player. Easy to carry due to it’s compact size, it is great for playing with one hand or to carry around as a practice instrument.

Product Features

  • Mouthpiece: HIGH QUALITY mouthpiece included
  • Product Description : Length: 10 & 1/2 inches, Bell Diameter: 3 1/4 inches
  • Product Includes – Free Hard case included & Mute Included
  • Light Weight : Made to the perfection, Original silver plated Trumpet is light weight and easy to carry.