SS-10 Saga Old Time Banjo : The Saga Old Time Banjo is reminiscent of the classic banjos produced by S.S. Stewart in Philadelphia over one hundred years ago. Saga has incorporated a slightly heavier maple rim with a rolled brass tone ring to produce an instrument retaining the traditional look and feel of banjos produced in that Golden Age. In the last century, banjos were parlor instruments strung with gut. The heavier rim design along with planetary pegs and a geared fifth peg were added to compensate for the increased tension and torque of modern steel strings. This banjo is certain to become universal favorite.

Product Features

  • Openback, 3⁄8-Inch maple rim
  • Rolled brass tone ring, 4:1 ratio Saga planetary tuners, Triple nickel-plated hardware
  • Geared 5th-string tuner, Classic No-Knot tailpiece and Adjustable truss rod
  • M.O.P. star and moon peghead inlays and Saga script logo
  • M.O.P. Star inlays at the 5th and 12th frets, Shop adjusted