Product Features

  • G-3 Harmonium “Kulikovo Field”, 25×25-III, Tula Harmon
  • Left Mechanics: lumps, 5 voices; 25 buttons, 3 rows. , Right-hand mechanics: lumpy, 3 voices, 2 rows; 25 buttons., Overall dimensions: 326x198x370 mm. Weight – 6 kg.
  • The factory “Tula Harmon” continues the traditions, dating back to the times when the first harmonics appeared in Russia. After all, the domestic production of harmonics began in Tula. The most primitive, single samples of hand harmonics were made by Tula masters – the Shkunaev brothers in their home workshop.
  • The success of this factory is evidenced by the fact that in 1900 at the International Trade Fair in Paris, the two-and three-row Viennese harmonics of the Kiselev brothers received awards. In 1905-1907 years. the factory began to produce three-row chromatic harmonics – “left on the right (elective) and foot basses”, which by 1914 were marked with gold, and three silver and bronze medals.
  • Tula was the main supplier of harmonics for the entire Russian Empire. The sound possibilities of harmonies imported from abroad did not satisfy Russian musicians, and by that time one of the artistic-style features of the Tula harmonics had already appeared – their unique chamber sound.