Scratch & Dent Savings!!! Product codes ending in “-2” are Blemished. They are New and Unused with Superficial blemishes that may include, blisters in the finish, scratches, dents, stains, discoloration, rust or pitting on metals, imperfect glazes, non-structural repairs such as putty in nail holes, or other surface marks. The irregularity does not affect the playability or sound quality of the instrument. These are a good value.

This is a beautiful brand new harp that is one of our most popular harp for beginners. It’s 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Shipped via UPS with tracking and is insured. 36 DuPont hard nylon strings, a range from C two octaves below Middle C to C above High C. Engraved and inlaid rosewood frame and a birch soundboard for exceptional sound and strength. Weighs approximately 26 pounds. Comes with a tuning tool and extra string set.


Weighs approximately 26 pounds
36 Strings, 31 sharpening levers
Shipped insured
Brand New!

Product Features

  • Extra string set
  • Solid rosewood frames with birch soundboard
  • 1-year warranty on the frame
  • 5-year warranty on the soundboard
  • Approximately 51″ high along the tallest side