This European Mountain Dulcimer has 5 strings, a rosewood frame, a birch soundboard, cutouts in soundboard and one on the back. This folksy musical instrument is in the zither family and is known as a Scheitholt. The German immigrants of the mid-1700’s brought the Scheitholt to Pennsylvania and other parts of Colonial America. There are two strings over the frets that are noted, while the other three strings are drones. It is played with a pick. The instrument measures 34″ long x 5″ wide and 2″ high (863.6 x 127 x 50.8 mm). It includes a pick and noter.

Suggested tuning:

  • D4 Melody pair
  • A3 Drone pair
  • D3 Drone single

Product Features

  • Roosebeck European Mountain Dulcimer 5 String, Scheitholt-Style (Package Of 2)