BLEMISHED: This Deluxe model offers the best features from the Roosebeck Mountain Dulcimer line! The vaulted fret board and the completely spruce soundboard are light weight and allow for more sound vibration, producing excellent sound quality. This mountain dulcimer has an hour glass shape and 4 of the classic f-hole openings on the sound board. The body, neck, nut, bridge and fret board are solid sheesham and the end peg has a gold color and is shaped like a crown. The carved scroll peg head features 4 gold colored mechanical geared straight tuners with a 4:1 ratio and there are 4 strings, including 2 melody strings, 1 middle string and 1 bass drone string. Many tunings will work, but we recommend the traditional DAD method to make it easy to pick up and play. The following accessories are included with item: pick, noter, draw string bag and owner’s guide.Important Specifications:Neck at Nut: 1.25 inches in widthNeck at Body Joint: 1.25 inches in widthNut: 1.25 inches in width, made from sheeshamScale Length: 25.5 inches4 tuning pegs/levers18 Metal Frets (Including the 6 1/2 and 13 1/2 Frets)

Product Features

  • Condition Scratch & Dent Strings
  • ItemHeight 3
  • ItemWidth 7
  • ItemLength 34
  • WeightWithoutCase 2.6