The Pixie Harp has 19 DuPont hard nylon strings that range from F below Middle C to High C, and it has 19 sharpening levers. It is approximately 30″ high. It has an engraved and inlaid walnut frame with a high quality Finnish birch ply soundboard for exceptional sound and strength. It includes a tuning tool and one extra string set. The color of the wood may be a little different than the photo.

Product Features

  • 19 strings – 2.5 octaves – Perfect for beginner songs & exercises
  • Note range of F3 to C6 – Excellent, lightweight beginner harp
  • Full lever harp – Easily change keys
  • Handcrafted from solid wood – birch soundboard for exceptional sound and strength –
  • Tuning tool and extra string set included –
  • Nylon gig bag sold separately