Product Description
It is a 61K-III HG Yamano Hand Roll Piano instrument.
Hand roll piano that can be played immediately spread a glance round and round and defeated grades up!
Appeared to be 61K-III HG.
Intact “to carry in Clu lose” portability, with a touch of high-sensitivity sensor, comes with a step between the white key to the black keys In addition, the performance is up to each stage performance.
Also, with a full-fledged stereo speakers to enjoy the visceral tone 129. Recording and playback function, the adoption of the sustain pedal, you can enjoy playing a variety of.
Play the piano now everywhere! !
Sustain Functionality: Set includes: body, private porch, sustain pedal, AC adapter Keyboard: 30 songs arranged by original effect: 100 internal songs: GM type rhythm tone 129 tone range C2 ~ C7 standard keyboard system 61 DEMO, recording , Play it, view learning mode weight: about 35mm height width of about 1060 × 215 × depth about: about 1.3Kg Material: silicon rubber, sustain pedal input headphone output external speaker ABS resin with size (display) LED three digit 1.5V × 4AAA adapter input (using four AAA alkaline batteries) power supply: terminal DC8.0V, 600mA

Product Features

  • Range C2 ~ C7 standard keyboard 61 keyboard
  • Material: silicone rubber, ABS resin
  • Height of about 35mm depth of about 215 × 1060 × width of about size
  • GM tone type: 129 tone
  • 100 kinds of rhythm