To take advantage of its re-vamped power section, the KC-200 keyboard amp features a custom-designed 12″ speaker for exceptional fidelity. Combined with its built-in tweeter, the KC-200 delivers solid lows, prominent mids, and detailed highs. Synth bass patches thump with authority, while piano and organ sounds speak with clarity and detail. Whatever you plug into it, the KC-200 amplifies it with stellar sound quality.

Product Features

  • 4-channel keyboard amp for practice and performance
  • Highly efficient 100 watt amplifier, with 12″ speaker and horn tweeter
  • Four channels including 1/4″ Line input channels and XLR Microphone input
  • Stereo auxiliary input (RCA type) for connecting portable music players
  • Rotary controls for adjusting channel and headphone levels, plus Low and High EQ